Wednesday, June 8, 2016

out from Egypt

When Israel went out from Egypt,
the house of Jacob from a people of strange language,
Judah became his sanctuary,
Israel his dominion.
Psalm 114:1-2

God took Israel from slavery to mastery. The nation went from being trapped in Egypt with no position to a new place where they reigned over their own dominion in Canaan. All of this was the transforming, redeeming power of God at work. God loved His people. He heard their cries of oppression. He sent Moses to deliver them. He gave them a wonderful new life in the Promised Land.

This story is paralleled in the life of each Christian. God heard the cries of our souls oppressed by sin's slavery. He reached down to rescue us, providing our deliverer, Jesus. He redeemed us from that sinful dominion and now brings us out with Him to a new place where we can live in freedom forever, sharing in the rule of our new King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

And this new life in Christ is our sanctuary. We worship the Lord in it. It is a new kingdom where we sing to, worship, and live out the rule of King Jesus with great delight.

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