Monday, January 19, 2015

not without hope

For what is the hope of the godless when God cuts him off,
when God takes away his life?
Job 27:8

Job's question burns in his constant dialogue with his accusing friends. It is based on his insistence that he is committed to righteousness and the love of God. He knows that he has real hope. But what about the person who does not believe in, trust, and follow the Lord? Job sees such a person of devoid of any hope. They come to a sad realization and a life of ruin and pain.

Part of Job's comfort in all his loss and sorrow is that despite his intense physical and emotional suffering, he still has hope in God. That is the kind of thing only a righteous man can find. Job is clear that his integrity has kept him. And he will hold to what he knows about God. He has hope and comfort because he is not a godless man. Even if his circumstances led to his death, he would die in confident hope.

And yet he suffered with questions. He did not question God's righteous ways or integrity. He just wanted to know "WHY"! And really, Job never got that answer, eventually being fine with the fact that God was bigger and wiser and more holy than any human ever could be. He just kept trusting God, fearing God, and believing God. And that hope kept him going. It is one of the ways a righteous man will thrive, even in many troubles. Trust in God delivers us from ultimate despair. Not even death can take it from us! Amen! That is hope!

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