Thursday, April 27, 2017

weak man

She wept before him the seven days that their feast lasted, and on the seventh day he told her, because she pressed him hard. Then she told the riddle to her people.
Judges 14:17

Samson was such a weak man. He had been supernaturally gifted and called by God to lead Israel. He was Spirit powered with enormous physical strength, but his spiritual strength was virtually nil. He had a promising call of God to lead Israel out of oppression, but no self-control over his physical and sexual appetites, severely weakening his leadership. He was called to lead a nation, but was stuck on pleasing himself.

It took a week of whining from his new wife to show this weakness at its deepest. That must have been one bummer of a honeymoon, with Samson's bride crying every day, and then his big macho plans getting ruined by her at the end as she turned against him. In the end she married his best man. Samson's weakness humiliated him and made him the loser. Cue the trombone: "waah, waah, waaaaaah!"

God displayed His strength and still used such a weak man to save Israel. God kept His promises even though Samson failed his vows and lived so entirely selfishly. God supernaturally allowed selfish, psychotic Samson to wreck havoc among the Philistines. God will be true, even when we fail. He is strong when we are weak. He is right when we are wrong. He is God. We are not.

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