Tuesday, August 25, 2015

brief mention

these mentioned by name were princes in their clans, and their fathers' houses increased greatly.
1 Chronicles 4:38

Admittedly the first nine chapters of 1 Chronicles are not the most motivating sections of scripture. The first part of chapter four was marketed beyond belief a few years back when publishing houses discovered a couple verses about Jabez, but for the most part this section of the Old Testament is quick reading that is soon forgotten. For modern Westerners genealogies are boring. It is the biblical equivalent of morbidly strolling through a cemetary, and nobody normal wants to spend a lot of time doing that.

Except for a few standout characters who serve as bookmarks in the genealogies, these sections are simply lists of names. They are people important enough to be listed, but virtually no other details about their entire lifetimes is available about them. They are names only. They provided genetic material to a line of people. They are in scripture solely because they successfully reproduced offspring before they died. That sort of thing is still going on by the way.

Since generations are always in the making on planet earth, the genealogies serve as a somber reminder. I am taught by them that after my life, the most likely legacy that I will probably have to hand off will be my name on a list of ancestors. I will leave some memories for my kids. And maybe they will pass them on positively to another generation. But more than likely, a few decades after I have left earth for the presence of my Lord, my life here will be forgotten... like these names on Chronicled lists. That puts perspective on the importance of right now!

My life is a vapor. Over a half century of it has gone by and soon this wisp of a soul will be with You forever. May I be on a list remembered for faithfulness to You and to Your Word. May I contribute to the increase of Your kingdom until You choose to write my last sentence in this book of my life.

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