Monday, April 27, 2015

Wisdom's Reproof

If you turn at my reproof,
behold, I will pour out my spirit to you;
I will make my words known to you.
Proverbs 1:23

When God's Word points out a place where I need to repent, trust God, believe His truth, and change my thoughts and behavior, that is a very good thing. It is the way that wisdom works. God uses His wisdom to help me change. He promises lasting change if I will heed the reproof that His wisdom brings.

That lasting change is accompanied by His Holy Spirit and His Word being accessible to me in ways that I would not have known if I had not heeded His reproof. When I turn to the call of wisdom, God's Spirit is with me. He guides me to be enabled to heed that call and make key choices. He directs me by showing me other areas to keep walking in wisdom. And since God's Word is always near me (particularly through all the resources and devices in my hands all day!) I can always turn to find God's thoughts about any situation I may face.

Thank You, Lord, for making Your Word so accessible. And when You point out needed change, I claim this promise: Heeding reproof draws me closer to You. You make Yourself known in those times. Amen

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