Monday, March 16, 2015

out of the whirlwind

Who has put wisdom in the inward parts
or given understanding to the mind?
Job 38:36

God speaks to Job and it is a relentless storm of questions to Job. God reiterates His sovereign control over Job's life by emphasizing His wisdom and power over the wildness of nature. It is thus significant that God comes to Job to speak to him out of the whirlwind. God chooses a dangerous tornado as His method of revelation. From the chaotic destruction of a spinning vortex, God confronts Job.

In all his laments, Job longed to question God, to get the "why" answered. But that never happens. Job gets to hear from God, but God wisely chooses to remind Job of His sovereign control of the great power of the natural world. This puts Job's own life circumstances in perspective. God begins talking from a storm about His control over the storms. Job could not make one raindrop fall. Job could not create one snowflake. Job could not protect his crops from even one hailstone. But God claimed absolute authority over all of these. The God of the storm, Who rode the whirlwind and spoke with the voice like thunder, had been in control of Job's circumstances the entire time.

Job could not even take credit for his own thoughts. God had made him. God had given him a brain with which to think. God was the source of wisdom. Job had no way to take credit for even his own soul's creation. The God of the whirlwind was the God Who gave Job life and thought. Our most personal expressions are our thoughts, and we are only using what God has made when we think them! And so we must trust the God of all creation with the minds that He has given us.

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