Friday, March 24, 2017

atoned and indwelt

When iniquities prevail against me,
you atone for our transgressions.
Psalm 65:3

When penned by King David in this psalm, this fact was true. God atoned for sins through the sacrificial system that the next verse (Psalm 65:4) has clearly in view with its picture of the obedient, forgiven sinner enjoying the nearness of God in His house. This atonement came about by the death of a sacrifice so that sinners could know peace with God, enjoying the presence of God.

And that part is still very much the same today (the blessing that is), except now our own bodies become the temple where we can know God's presence and the atonement through the sacrifice offered by Jesus once for all. When our iniquities prevailed against us, Christ died to atone for our transgressions. And now with the Spirit Who raised Jesus from the dead living right inside us, we can know peace with God and the presence of God. Our Lord could be no more near to us than this!

Lord Jesus,
Thank You for providing that atonement because sin prevailed against me. I was beaten by sin. My iniquities won over me and doomed me from ever coming to worship my holy God. But You died for me so that my transgressions are atoned. And You rose again having appeased the Father's wrath against sin so that the grave has no power over me! There is no greater achievement among humankind for me to celebrate. And it is my greatest joy to trust Your saving work for me.

Holy Spirit of God,
You chose to make each believer a temple in which You dwell. I am Your place of presence. I don't have to look any further than my own life to know that Jesus has saved me and God is with me. May holiness fill me as Your temple. May I maintain with willful obedience and love and faith in what You have done for me so that Your temple is beautiful, majestic with Your presence, and dedicated to Your glory.

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