Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It only takes one sinner...

Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one sinner destroys much good.
Ecclesiastes 9:18

Gaining wisdom from God is a life's goal of mine. It is why I want to invest the time and energy to apply my heart to understanding God's Word. It is why I want to read the Bible for practical understanding. I want wisdom. I need it. I want to know God. These things are better than any other skill or knowledge because they enable me to make sense of this life and lead to eternal life to come. They protect and defend better than any weapon of war.

But there is a sinner living in me. And like this passage warns, my sinning destroys much good. All that is wrong, painful, or complicated in my life is either the direct result of my own sin, or is tied to the collective damage of broken humanity in Adam's Fall. Sin is the bane of all good living. I must fight it... earnestly, seriously, and without any accommodation to it.

The blessings of Your wisdom are clear in my life. Your Word has kept me from so much harm. It has helped me fight sin and protects me. Yet I still know the damage of sin. I'm warped and broken in my own unique ways, needing You to sanctify me. Sin does much damage. Lead me to faithfully repent and find grace and wisdom from You. Thank You for Your Word and Holy Spirit. Both bring grace and wisdom to me, a needy sinner.

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