Monday, September 22, 2014

an appeal to the King of the earth

But the LORD sits enthroned forever;

he has established his throne for justice,

and he judges the world with righteousness;

he judges the peoples with uprightness.

Psalm 9:7-8

O King of the earth,

Look on us now. What do You see? Do You see the arrogance and the violence among us? Do You see the terror in which men kill and destroy one another, falsely claiming to act in the name of God? Do You know how the nations rage? Of course You do.

In all this turmoil and awful pain, You are in control. You have known all along that Your creation would reject You and Your Law. You knew the people of Your creation would reject You. When You sent Your Son, they rejected Him. And He warned His disciples that they too would know rejection. And so it continues. Yet Jesus took all the judgment of our sin, even the sin of rejection, upon Himself on the cross. And He rose from the grave in order to offer hope especially to this evil age.


You sit upon Your throne and You will establish Your justice among the sons of men. I trust that. I work toward that now and for the future. I long for Your uprightness in Christ to be known and to change sinners. I must make it known by proclaiming the gospel and living by the changes the gospel has brought to me. And in Your mercy You will continue to save from among this wicked generation. Rule and reign in us, O Lord.


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