Thursday, August 28, 2014

flooded with the knowledge of God

They shall not hurt or destroy

in all my holy mountain;

for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord

as the waters cover the sea.

Isaiah 11:9

One of the benefits of studying biblical prophecy is the encouragement of a future picture of God's universal worship and glory. This passage anticipates a time where our world is flooded with the knowledge of God. And people will be changed. The entire order of the natural world will be calmed by the grace of God.

The picture is amazing. No more war or hate among people. No more predatory behavior in animals. The return  to Eden that is presented here places the focus of this world on God. Because He will be so universally loved and obeyed, the world will function by its original created intent. This is a vision for all worshipers to accept. It is God's heart for the created order of the universe. Poison is gone. Terror is gone. Hate and war are gone. The fiercest predator is now content to live like livestock. The thought is both comforting and alien to us.


You want to be known by Your glory and grace to humanity. Today, technology can spread Your knowlege among creation in unprecedented quantity. But even our most connected communication networks cannot change human hearts or the created order. But You will do so one day. In Your kingdom peace will reign. And Jesus as Prince of Peace will rule a dramatically different world. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!


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