Tuesday, December 23, 2014

God´s glory in judgment and restoration

I will bring forth offspring from Jacob,
and from Judah possessors of my mountains;
my chosen shall possess it,
and my servants shall dwell there.
Isaiah 65:9

God restores His people. This is a promise that comes to Judah as the destruction of the nation is upon them. God's inescapable judgment could not be withheld any longer. The people will suffer the consequences of their flagrant rejection of God. The curse of disobeying God's Law will fall upon them with all the devastating fury of God's wrath. Yet, even as that is inevitable, God pauses to reassure His people they will not be totally wiped out. The generation of survivors would give way to a restored generation to whom God would once again give a nation, a land, and the promises of His covenant.

It would be clear to God's people that the Lord Himself brought judgment. It would be equally clear that God would do the restoring of the nation with His chosen people who would serve Him in the land once again. God would get the glory both in judgment and in the blessing of restoration.

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